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Why Laser Powder Bed Fusion?


While our work is not limited to LPBF (aka, Selective Laser Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, etc.), it certainly is the primary focus of our research, products, and services. LPBF uses laser energy to selectively melt metal powders in a layer-by-layer process to build up a three-dimensional part. LPBF is the leading additive manufacturing process for complex metal parts requiring excellent mechanical properties. Compared to other metal AM processes, LPBF has superior dimensional accuracy with minimal post-processing requirements (e.g., no debindering or sintering). A wide range of materials are available, with significant ability for application-specific customization. 

Our solution capabilities span four related lanes:

System Solutions
  • Open-architecture laser powder bed systems
  • Large-format systems for production needs
  • Custom systems for unique applications
Process Monitoring
  • Multi-sensor data collection
  • Data analytics and quality assessment
  • Closed loop control
  • Data integration for Digital Thread
Emerging Technology
  • Additive + subtractive laser processing
  • Beam shaping and advanced optics
  • Multi-material powder bed deposition
  • Integration of other available technologies
Applications & Support
  • Process development for specialty materials
  • Demos and prototype builds
  • Training and consultation